General Electrical Services

In Singapore, various electrical equipment and systems are used in homes, offices, and businesses. To ensure that these installations, upgrades, maintenance, and replacements meet your long-term electrical needs, it’s crucial to have them executed correctly. While some may consider tackling electrical issues as a DIY project, it’s safer and more cost-effective to hire a professional electrician. Fortunately, electrical services ( and Singapore as part of the Ezzogenics Group of companies offers a variety of electrical engineering services. Our technicians frequently review our work quality by working with EMA Registered Licensed Electrical Engineers on various electrical testing, endorsement, and commission of systems requiring compliance with Singapore Standards SS638: 2018 Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. We stand behind the quality of our services and offer suitable warranties with confidence.

Electrical Service Singapore is managed by Ezzogenics Group of Companies. We are a BCA-registered General Builder (GB2), BCA Interior Decoration and Finishing Works (CR06), and HDB Registered Contractor (HB-095474D). Our team of technicians and specialists are certified in various aspects of the following works. Electrical service is the division specializing in electrical works.

Apart from electrical works, we offer:

  • Waterproofing for internal and external walls and facades (including for Work-At-Height)
  • Rope Access, Boom lift access and other forms of Work-At-Height services
  • Plumbing for internal renovation works
  • Carpentry for residential and commercial renovation
  • Metal fabrication and installation for industrial works
  • Glass and mirror fabrication and installation
  • Painting for internal and external walls (including Work-At-Height)
  • Fire Safety Submission for retail and commercial
  • Facade Inspection, and Professional Engineer Structural endorsement
  • Electrical wiring, distribution board upgrading with LEW endorsement, testing and commissioning
  • We offer the following Electrical services:

Replacement of Electrical Distribution Boards: As the existing distribution boards age, it is best to avoid concerns such as power tripping and failures by testing and replacing them. It is also now a requirement for all residential premises to have a Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) installed. This is to enhance electrical safety in all households. The RCCB is an electrical safety device that cuts off the electricity supply immediately upon the detection of current leakages that may lead to an electric shock. Current leakages can be caused by factors such as ageing or exposed wires, faulty electrical appliances, and damaged insulation. For many residential homes, the replacement of ageing distribution boards or electrical main panels should be considered as it is one of the most important parts of every home’s electrical wiring system. It protects against electrical surges that could result in risks like house fires by acting as a buffer.

Electrical Repair and Replacement: Old wires degrade over time due to PVC in the wires becoming brittle leading to potential short-circuiting. Under HDB rules, as wiring in a flat have a limited life span with an average of 25 years for the PVC electrical cables, it is recommended to check and possibly change the wiring at an opportune moment.  At the same time, renovation or wiring changes over the years that are made without sufficient consideration for compliance with Singapore Standard SS638 result in the potential for tripping. Often, many homeowners do not submit their renovation electrical works for testing resulting in frequent non-compliance. Other cases would be landlords are not incentivized to change wiring unless it is required and insisted upon by Management’s own code of practices.

Power Trip and Power Failure: We come across power tripping and power failures over short-circuiting of the wiring system. Similarly, the trend is frequent non-compliance works carried out over the years combined with an ageing wiring and possibly overloaded electrical system. Electrical Services Singapore ( and carry out checking of wiring works based on the option of providing a formal test report duly endorsed by the approving authority being the EMA Registered Licensed Electrical Worker. 

Troubleshooting and electrical inspection works.

We provide electrical inspection with in-house Electrical Technicians trained under the BCA CoreTrade electrical scheme course under supervision by an EMA Registered Licensed Electrical Worker. This means our team will review various points of non-compliance and propose various options of rectification for compliance and endorsement as required. 

Work scope:

  1. Conduct detailed visual inspection on non-compliance including checking of existing wiring, checking of re-wiring previously done by the landlord and compliance with indoor or outdoor wiring as per SS638. Checking of correct installation of trunking to switch plate, presence of isolators and ceiling roses where needed, bonding for earthing, data and electrical wiring independence, and correct practice of using GI conduit piping for concealed wiring, among other frequent violations of compliance.
  1. Conduct an Insulation test (Megger test). The Megger test is a method of testing making use of an insulation tester resistance meter that will help to verify the condition of electrical In simple terms, it checks for the general health of the potential risk of short-circuiting.
  1. Conduct Earth Loop Impedance test
An earth loop impedance test is conducted to ensure that, if a fault occurs in an electrical circuit, the fault current will be strong enough to set off the circuit protection. If a fault current is undetected, circuits can overheat and catch fire.
  1. Conduct RCD test -
RCD testing induces various levels of leakage current into the electrical system in a safe manner; this allows the electrician to evaluate the overall level of when an RCD will ‘trip’ the circuit, and it also allows evaluation of the trip time (the time period it takes the RCD to activate).
  2. Conduct polarity test -
It is a test conducted on both the primary and secondary windings of a transformer and to know the direction of the current. A report (if applicable) shall be provided pointing out the extent of the work scope for rectification required.

Commercial Electrical Wiring Installation and Upgrade

For new businesses in Singapore, it is often required to ensure electrical works undergo testing, endorsement and commissioning processes between the Tenant’s Licensed Electrical Worker and Building LEW. This process is one of many steps a new business owner has to go through before they are able to start their business. Electrical Services Singapore as part of the Ezzogenics Group of Companies ( and have wide experience guiding the new business owner through these steps.

Typically, these steps require the business owner to consider the following considerations:

  1. Existing power supply to the Main Distribution Board (DB) and type of phase of power supply, be it a bare unit with just an isolator provided or full DB but with consideration to replace to a new DB
  2. To consider if the power supply is sufficient or if there is a need to upgrade the incoming power supply.
  3. Rules of work such as strict SS638 compliance as it necessitates the business owner’s budget for concealed or exposed wiring. Typically, in a retail mall setting, concealed wiring is required. It is suggested to request the Fit-Out Guide (or similar documentation) that determines the House Rules pertaining to the renovation of the unit.
  4. To check for the costs of the various requirements that may be imposed by the Building LEW such as Form CS3 or Form CS1 or other relevant fees. Shutdown and LEW attendance fees for both Temporary and Permanent Power supply.
  5. It is important to understand that testing standards differ from the supply of lighting and switches for installation. Often lighting purchased from online platforms does not comply with SS638 hence the business owner has to be aware and understand what needs to be done to accommodate the shortfall.

Residential Renovation Electrical Service

As part of our full range of electrical works, our team offers residential renovation and electrical wiring services. Specifically, we set ourselves apart from the other companies is that almost all of our services as part of renovation are carried out by our in-house teams. We are a BCA-registered General Builder (GB2), BCA Interior Decoration and Finishing Works and HDB Registered Contractor (HB-095474D).

Residential wiring covers the complete re-wiring of the home’s wiring system, and the replacement of the Main Distribution Board or Electrical Panel but more importantly, the customer must decide if they are willing to pay for Singapore Power testing. Often in Singapore, this is overlooked and not considered by the customer be it through ignorance or consideration of costs. Our team has widespread experience ensuring compliance of wiring works with the relevant Singapore Standard 638:2018.

Smart Home Automation: This could mean preparing your home for smart home automation. You can just buy the equipment and our team shall work with you to make it work. Often the basic requirement is adequate data coverage to make the home part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and additional neutral wire for the lighting switches.

Do you Need Help With Electrical Maintenance?

Our electrical repair and service options are proudly offered to clients. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!

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