Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Commercial retail and industrial workshops or factories require their wiring setup to undergo testing and ensure compliance with Singapore Standard SS638: code of Practice for Electrical Installation. The obvious requirement is that your electrician should be conversant with the updated relevant standard and approved practices. The team must work closely with a trusted EMA Registered Licensed Electrician to ensure your project can be delivered on time and doesn’t fail the relevant testing hurdles.

For someone starting out a new business, you’ll have to understand terms like Fit-Out guide, building LEW, tenant LEW, Form CS3 or Form CS1 and most importantly how to open an account.

Electrical wiring for Commercial Retail

Prior to the start of your business journey, it is imperative to obtain a copy of the Fit-Out Guide. There are several names that are called by. At the most basic, it is the terms and conditions of doing renovation dictated by your landlord. The next step is to understand what your power requirement is, and available size. What is the type of approved way of laying the cable as this affects your renovation costs? Plan early for the electrical requirements so that you won’t have to pay for re-works. Understand that residential electrical wiring and commercial wiring are most often aligned. Call us for a free consultation on the setup of a new tenant commercial and industrial unit. We have worked with numerous landlords ranging from private owners to REITs and giants such as Lendlease, JTC, Mercatus, CapitaLand, Soilbuild and HDB.

Industrial Electrical – Main Switch Board Upgrade

Restaurants (F&B), homes undergoing major A&A and flatted factories often require upgrades to their existing main switchboard. This may involve seeking permission for the building LEW or applying for Power Grid to lay newly upgraded cables from the nearest OG box. Our team has completed many such projects successfully and is confident to be able to guide your project in the same manner.

Safety for your homes!

It is often a surprise to many home and business owners that their existing electrical wiring is mostly non-compliant with the latest SS638 Code of Practice. Examples would be old colour code wiring. Wiring must comply with new colour codes for renovation done after 2011. Or renovation was done thru the years without correct compliance often resulting in a hodgepodge of incompatible unsafe wiring.

We offer checking and testing of your wiring circuitry with the option of an endorsed legal report by an EMA Registered Licensed Electrician.

Electrical inspection service covers the following:

  1. To provide electrical inspection with in-house Technicians and supervision by EMA Registered Licensed Electrical Worker checking the following items to SS638 @ $950
  2. To provide electrical inspection with in-house Technicians and supervision by EMA Registered Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) checking the following items to SS638. There will be a report issued for the non-compliance and recommendations that are endorsed by LEW @ $1500

Electrical inspection work scope: 

  1. Conduct visual inspection on non-compliance including checking of existing wiring, checking of re-wiring previously done by the landlord, and compliance with outdoor wiring as per SS638
  2. Conduct Insulation test (Megger test) – Megger test checks the integrity of the electrical wiring insulation.
  3. Conduct Earth Loop Impedance test:
    An earth loop impedance test is conducted to ensure that, if a fault occurs in an electrical circuit, the fault current will be strong enough to set off the circuit protection. If a fault current is undetected, circuits can overheat and catch fire.
  4. Conduct RCD test:
    RCD testing induces various levels of leakage current into the electrical system in a safe manner; this allows the electrician to evaluate the overall level of when an RCD will ‘trip’ the circuit, and it also allows evaluation of the trip time (the time period it takes the RCD to activate).
  5. Conduct polarity test:
    It is a test conducted on both the primary and secondary windings of a transformer and also to know the direction of the current. A report shall be provided pointing out the extent of the work scope for rectification required.

Our other services

Exhaust Fan Installation: Exhaust fans are becoming increasingly popular, owing to their critical functions in delivering improved comfort and electrical safety in commercial and industrial facilities. Exhaust fans will aid in the rapid removal of smoke, dust, and odour while also improving general interior air quality. For every region of your building, our firm can provide dependable professional exhaust fan installation.

Motion Sensor: Motion sensors are sophisticated lighting and security solutions that are highly recommended for today’s businesses. They have very intuitive operational and control capabilities that allow you to tailor the systems and apps to your individual security requirements. Furthermore, there are numerous high-quality models to choose from. If you intend to use this cutting-edge technology, please contact us for professional motion sensor installation.

CCTV and IP Camera: Whether you own a tiny business or a franchise with multiple branches, keeping track of all the activities going on in each portion of the premises will be difficult from time to time. As a result, you require a dependable and effective surveillance and monitoring system to capture and transmit real-time information about every action throughout the facilities. With competent CCTV and IP camera system installation, we can help you fulfil that ambition in every aspect of your business.

Our business focuses on providing comprehensive and personalized commercial and industrial electrical services that help you enhance working conditions, save expenses, and streamline processes for higher output and profitability.

Do you Need Help With Electrical Maintenance?

Our electrical repair and service options are proudly offered to clients. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!

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